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Financial Contributions

Considering financially supporting the ministry of MCBC?

A great way to think about the Biblical Tithe (10% of personal Income):

  1. Think about the cost associated with the great task entrusted to MCBC to carry out our mission.
  2. Think about the statement of Trust that giving a tithe suggests. A 10% gift means that you are trusting God with your remaining 90%. Many tithers will testify that living on their 90% keeps them better connected with a loving God and reminds them to trust Him more.

Your financial gifts and offerings (otherwise known as tithes and offerings) are greatly appreciated and are used to carry out the local mission of MCBC as directed by our Lord Jesus Christ. We are also committed in support to various local missions including the Smith Baptist Association, state missions (BGCT), North America Missions (NAMB) and around the world (IMB) ... just to name a few.

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